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Image by Ante Hamersmit

Welcome To Randee's Bees

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Randee's Bees is a blossoming beekeeping enterprise located in beautiful Consecon, Prince Edward County, Ontario. We are passionate about bee sustainability, and have a keen interest in best practices and the most up to date methods in hive management. This is our primary responsibility, which is good for our bees therefore good for us all.

Our attitude toward our products reflects this same mentality, each of them is made from pure, raw materials, and bring the goodness of the hive straight to you. 

Randall Krahn, owner and head beekeeper, has had a thirty year love affair with beekeeping, and has been a practicing beekeeper since 2012 ... allowing things to quickly matured from a part time hobby into a full-time obsession. In a good way.


Thank you for taking the time to explore the site. 

Featured Products

Image by Ante Hamersmit

Featured Experiences

What happens inside a bee hive anyway?

Our APIARY TOUR is your chance to take a close look inside a bee colony.

You will get to hold a frame of honey, watch the bees dance in the hive and, hopefully, find the queen. This is a great experience for the whole family. 

Tours are 90 minutes every Friday at 10AM or 1PM starting at the beginning of June and going to the middle of September.

We limit the tour to 8 people as we have found this to be the best opportunity for you to have a hands on experience with the bees.

We recommend long pants and closed toed shoes.

Bee jackets will be provided.

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