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Rent a pair of hives, or more, of your very own!

What's required of you?

Just a lovely piece of land for the bees to live and fly and pollinate, that's it.

Cost of one pair of hives is $700.00 annually.

Each additional hive, if wanted, is $250.00.

Installment payments are available.

We will take care of everything else, from opening the bees in the spring, registering the hives and weekly inspections to medications, honey extraction and wrapping the bees up for the winter.


What you get?

  • Pollination of your plants by your resident bees. 

  • 12 - 500g jars of honey from the honey bees on your acreage. 

  • The reassurance that you are part of the solution in the ever exciting beekeeping world.


  • Here you will find loads of bee info and opportunities to become part of the beekeeping community, as well as a chance to shop for amazing randee’s bees products and sign up for events.

  • Did you know that it takes approximately 2 million flower visits for the bees to make one 500g jar of honey? That's amazing!

  • randee’s bees honey is unpasteurized and comes straight from the hive to you, just the way the bees intended. Our hives are located in Prince Edward and Northumberland counties, and the main office of randee’s bees is located in Consecon, Ontario at Consecon Honey House. This is where we do all of our honey extraction, beeswax candle making and more.

  • Thanks again for coming, if you have any questions we are always happy to hear from you.