Look deep into the hive, what do you see
_headwatersfarm.ca party in ORANGE hive.

hive aid


In the past several years a lot has been said about the plight of the honey bee. Record winter hive deaths in 2018 had people asking "how can I help?"

Hive aid is your chance to lend a hand. This program helps us build strong, healthy colonies and introduces you to a shared beekeeping experience in an affordable way.

How the program works.

Hive aid membership purchase price is $100.00 annually.

$50.00 of your purchase goes directly to management and care of the bees.

The remaining $50.00 is yours to buy randee's bees products and experiences  from our store.


How this program benefits you.

As a hive aid member you are invited to visit the bees you support, learn about honey bee care and, best of all, benefit from your honey bees with products and experiences.

As well, you can feel satisfied that you are contributing to long term honey bee sustainability.

How this program benefits us.

Every year we need to build bee populations, feed the bees in spring and autumn and maintain equipment. Your hive aid purchase helps us get a strong start to the beekeeping season.

With your contribution we all make sure the bees keep flying and pollinating the crops and flowers on which we depend.

Thank you for considering hive aid, the queen says you are a champion.